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Date: 10/18/2020
Subject: Rotary -Time to work on your website? Its what your community knows about you!
From: Rotary Int'l District 6450

What Does Your Website Say About You? 
With COVID 19, every single club in the district has worried about membership - 
both keeping who you got and getting new members! 

Yet what do you show to your members?  

What do prospective members see?

Have you looked lately?

Run through this quick checklist - 
1. Up to date on where and how you are meeting?
(A quick check of our clubs' websites is very confusing! Most have old info, hard to follow directions and a meeting schedule that doesn't match what's on the website - just saying!)
How easy/hard is it to find your meeting information? ZOOM changed the rules for security and many websites forgot/don't know about the change and have outdated ZOOM links
 2. Post any speakers on the front page? On the Calendar? It would appear that many of the clubs forgot one of the key reasons WHY people join and come to Rotary meetings. Almost 85% of our clubs' calendars are either blank or contain limited information about ANYTHING!
 3. Easy for prospects to tell you they want to join? Ask for more Information? - After reviewing our clubs/'s websites, better than 75% don't have a way to ask for membership information - worse, better than 90% don't have a link to the membership chair!
 4. Membership Database is Rotary International up to date? When was the last time you and your chairs took a look at the membership database? Updated it? Removed the long since left members? 
5. What does your website say about your community impacting Signature Event?

Starting Tuesday night and for the next three weeks, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 pm til 7:30 pm, we will be updating your website - will you join us?

Go there to register - not just you, but those in your club who will help you - membership, secretary, public image, community service and anyone else who want to help you get the message out! 
Click below to register - and forward this to all in your club who can help you and work with you to get the word out - they can attend one or all of the sessions...

Time to take charge of your message - let me know if there are any questions or thoughts!! See you in the next few weeks!
Hunter Byington
Rotary District 6450 Public Image Chair
630-202-2292 - Direct