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Date: 10/24/2020
Subject: World Polio Day - Your gift will be tripled by the Gates Foundation
From: Rotary Int'l District 6450

Celebrate World Polio Day!
Your gift will be tripled by the Gates Foundation.

Hello Fellow District 6450 Rotarians. 

Today we celebrate World Polio Day….

Since Rotary took up the mantle of Polio Eradication in 1985 over 3 BILLION children have been vaccinated and over 19 MILLION children did not contract the disease.  Why?  Because Rotary made a pledge to the children of the world!

You are a SUPERHERO!  The End Polio Now logo is our superhero badge of honor.  No other organization anywhere in the WORLD has made such a pledge.  Smallpox is eradicated.  Polio will be next.


Our job is not done until Polio no longer exists in the world.  Will it be hard?  Will it cost enormous sums of money? Are we tired of the Polio campaign?  The answers may be yes, however, the only reality that matters is that ROTARIANS DO NOT QUIT…WE DO NOT LEAVE A JOB FOR OTHERS….ROTARY MADE A PLEDGE TO THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD AND WE WILL NOT LET THEM DOWN!

end polio now
So, in gratitude for your family, in memory of your loved ones, to honor the fight that still needs fighting DONATE TODAY! 

Please go to and make a donation today. Let’s send the world a message that Rotary is on the job…come join us…let’s live up to that pledge.  

Thank you in advance for your generosity.
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debi Ross
Rotary International District 6450, Governor, 2019-2020
District Polio Chairwoman, 2020-2021

Click to view the 2020 Pioneers for Polio Pledge video.
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