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Date: 11/29/2020
Subject: Rotary - Register Now for Vibrant Club Session and Website Upgrade Session
From: Rotary Int'l District 6450

There are two items on your Public Image Check list for December.
1. Register you and your team for Saturday's Vibrant Club Session -
Go Here now!
2. Update your website - starting this Tuesday and Thursday night at 6 pm.
Register for an introductory session on updating your website
Choose either Tuesday night or Thursday night
Tuesday night Here and/or
Thursday night Here

Want to see what your website could look like?

Go Here to Orland Park and Here to Woodridge.

These pages are not all public, but available to you for review!


It they can do it, you can do it.

It will take three sessions - Dec 8, Dec 10, and Dec 15.

Register on the Rotary District Calendar. 


Who should attend?

1. President
2. President elect
3. Membership
4. Public Image
5. Secretary/Treasurer
6. Public Image
7. Whoever wants to help with Public Image and/or your website

Time to take charge of your message - let me know if there are any questions or thoughts!!
See you in the next few weeks!
Hunter Byington
Rotary District 6450 Public Image Chair
630-202-2292 - Direct