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Date: 12/15/2020
Subject: Rotary - Important News
From: DG Chuck Corrigan


Dear Club Presidents:


Three important pieces of District news for you:
First, as earlier announced, our Nominating Committee has selected Conor Gee, a member of the Rotary Club of Chicago, as District Governor Designate. No challenge to his nomination has been received, so I am happy to officially declare Conor as our District Governor Designate, to serve as District Governor in 2023-34. Congrats to Conor!
Second, our Financial Review Committee has completed the annual task of reviewing the District's finances for the prior year. I am pleased to report that the Finance Committee found our District finances for 2019-20 to be in good order, with just a few small suggestions for improved recordkeeping. To review the report in full, here is a link to the document.  Financial Review Committee Report 2019-20  Please contact me if you have any questions about this.
Third, given the changes to programming by the District necessitated by the pandemic, the District will be spending tens of thousands of fewer dollars this year compared to the budget. I recommended and the District Finance Committee agreed that we could reduce the per capita District dues collected from each Club in the next dues statement by $20 per Rotarian. I pushed to have a dues reduction approved this month so that you can communicate this to your Club members before the end of 2020.
On Monday evening, the District Board approved that amount, but conditioned the $20 per person dues abatement on the requirement that a Club be compliant with the following items: (1) the Club's membership goals, annual fund goals, and polio goals have all been entered, (2) the Club has paid its current dues to the District, (3) the Club has identified its President-Elect, and (4) the Club has complied with the requirements of the District's Youth Protection Policy. On the compliance issues, please note that just a few Clubs have yet to enter all of the listed goals, and just one or two clubs are tardy in paying dues.  A larger number of Clubs need to identify their President-Elect, and a good number of Clubs need to complete compliance with the Youth Protection Policy.
DGE Jane Hopkins is the point person to identify your Club President-Elect. Jane's email: 
DGN and Youth Services Chair Ade Onayemi is the point person for Youth Protection Policy compliance. Ade's email:
Please contact them directly to see where you stand and to resolve any compliance issues.
They should also be reaching out to any Club that needs to supply its information in those areas. 
Please work with Jane and Ade as soon as possible to make sure your Club receives a $20 per member dues abatement on the District's February 1st dues invoice.
The $20 per member savings can be passed along to your members in the form of reduced Club dues, or can be used to fund a Club project or donation.
How it is used is up to your Club. It is your responsibility to make sure your Club gets this savings.
Thanks for reading, and keep up the great work you are doing!


Chuck Corrigan
District Governor 2020-21
(630) 853-9461