It’s time to supercharge your club’s community outreach initiatives!

This year, we’re embarking on a dynamic approach to boost our Public Image.  Videos of our focused training sessions will be available shortly.

The Planning Session “Crafting Your Public Image Blueprint for 2023-2024 for your club”

To kick-start this journey, we offer a one-hour orientation and planning session tailored for you and your core team members. You can choose which one of the planning sessions works best for you. During these planning sessions, we will delve into:

Social Media: Formulate a strategic action plan for 2023-2024, encompassing pivotal events and social media elements, scheduling them on your calendar, and ensuring your message gets out to your community.

Localizing Rotary’s Theme “People of Action”: Unearthing strategies for public relations and driving membership growth.

Promoting Your Club and Its Events: Discovering potent strategies to secure a spot on the community calendar.

The Training Sessions:

Building a Social Media Plan: Discover how to harness the power of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to elevate your club’s presence in the community.

Your Club Message through Photography: Unveil the art of using your smartphone for club photos and videos, from capturing splendid shots to editing for social media.

Your Rotary Branding: Tailor the Rotary Branding Playbook to suit your club’s needs, encompassing logo design and effectively localizing the “People of Action” theme.

Building a Promotional Engine for Your Club: Conclude the series with a planning session that ties everything together. You’ll gain insights into the role of Public Relations in attracting new members, including templates for press releases, media stories, media contacts, and event calendar management. Select one of the following dates:

We hope this training series will ignite your enthusiasm to take action and actively engage with this pivotal facet of your club’s success.

If you have any questions or require further assistance contact:

Hunter Byington

Rotary District 6450 Public Image Chair

Cell: 630-202-2292