Rotary Youth Exchange gives you-

Opportunity to learn a new culture and language
Opportunity to be an ambassador
Opportunity to make friends for a lifetime
It’s a year of adventure


High School Study Abroad Program

Rotary’s Flagship Youth Exchange Program


The Rotary Youth Exchange long-term travel program is our flagship study abroad program for young people ages 15-1/2 – 18.

The experience begins a year before you study abroad as you go through the application, selection, and preparation process.

During your academic year abroad, you will live with up to three carefully selected and trained host families.

You will study at a local high school and learn new cultures and traditions.

Rotary Youth Exchange is an immersion program that will help you become bicultural and bilingual, and will forever change your perspective of the world we live in.

          It is a year in your lifetime and a lifetime in a year!


Rotary District 6450, as part of the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange program, sends and receives students to/from 40 countries:

          Australia Argentina Belgium Brazil        
          Chili Croatia Denmark Estonia        
          Finland France Germany Greece        
          Hungary India Indonesia Italy        
          Japan South Korea Latvia Lithuania        
          Mexico Norway Paraguay Peru        
          Poland Spain Sweden Switzerland        
          Taiwan Thailand Zambia +many more        


(List is subject to change.)


Rotary Youth Exchange is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation,

nation of origin, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, languages spoken, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and beliefs.